It’s been WAY too long since my last blog post. Since that post I’ve started my new job and transitioned into working mama and obsessing over baby from 5-7 pm bedtime mama.

People ask me all the time if I miss Lincoln, of course I do, but I also missed working. I missed feeling like I had that independence. There are strong, amazing females who are having a BLAST on maternity leave and are ready for their second, third or fourth kid. Kudos to you- I know I was ready to get back in it and tag team off with Zack. It’s been so good for Lincoln to get this time with his dad and with both of our hectic travel schedules it’s important that Lincoln is comfortable being taken care of differently. Zack is definitely way more easy going in terms of taking him to the gym, on hikes, etc. For some reason I was so wrapped up in sleep schedule, and what if he cries when we’re out, or what if he gets fussy. I made it way harder on myself than it needed to be- but it’s all a lesson right?

We’re also getting ready for a big move to Ottawa. We were there last week and had the chance to meet our new daycare provider! We are incredibly lucky that it’s the wife of one of Zack’s colleagues. I hadn’t really thought about how terrifying it would be to leave your little one for the day with a complete stranger. When Lincoln was super young and I was feeding him through the night I watched WAY too many youtube videos and always ended up on video footage of nannies or daycare provides throwing kids around or just leaving them by themselves the whole day. So don’t do that – don’t get caught up in this downward spiral of youtube videos about the scariest thing that can happen to your kids. Our in home daycare provider is lovely, has a bright, nurturing set up and lots of fun outdoor play areas. Before we met her, we had another meeting at a different in home daycare. We were overjoyed because this provider lives on our new street – how perfect we thought. Driving there (it’s a REALLY long street) we had high hopes, and then pulling up to the unkept lawn, garbage and drawn curtains we were much more hesitant. Holding out on judgement we went up and kept our meeting. Knocking on the door, ringing the bell and waiting; then realizing no one was home. Not the first impression you want to make. Again reiterating my terror of strangers. We had also looked into daycares, upon getting educated that for full time in downtown Ottawa it was going to cost $2100/month for 1 child. That conversation ended rather quickly.

With the move, comes the drive there. Zack, his dad and Lincoln are going to do the 1300km road trip from Halifax –> Ottawa. The plan is to leave at night, around 8 when Lincoln is exhausted and do about 8-9 hours that evening, assuming he sleeps like normal in the carseat…. then they’ll stop at a hotel, change, play, eat, take a nap and from then on maybe do 60-90 minutes, get out and play etc. and take advantage of nap times. Linc hasn’t had a long car trip before so why not go big right? Any advice for a long road trip with a babe? Any special toy suggestions? Anything we should be super concerned about?

I also just wanted to wish all the papas a huge Happy Fathers Day! You give the babes a different outlook on life, you take them on adventures and give them tons of love & nurture. Keep doing what you do Dads!

Last but not least – who would I be if I didn’t share a pic of my little man, just doing his thing on the big kid slide and getting some love from Roots Canada.





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