what they don’t tell you…

I had been hearing “the baby will come when it’s ready” for weeks, but him and I both knew- he wasn’t budging. Most of us have a concept of labour, pain, crying, joy, nerves – but there were a few labour pains that no one, not even the doctor warned me about.

  1. As soon as you really get going- I mean in the birth room, starting your oxytocin (if you’re getting induced) you can’t eat any longer. This could mean up to 30 hours- or however long your labour is. No one told me that, and I love food. Just as the i.v was about to go in I mentioned to my husband to maybe grab a bite for us while and then the harsh reality hit- it was too late for me. goodbye food.
  2. Wear sandals. We were in and out of the hospital for 4 days before and after birth and my first day (it was the end of November) I was wearing blundstone boots. It was uncomfortable putting them on & off, my feet were hot (I didn’t know we’d end up staying for a couple days), and my feet started swelling more. Needless to say- we went home and pulled out the flip flops.
  3. Don’t wait until you want the epidural to ask for it. I thought the minute I asked, it would pretty much happen- nope. The anesthesiologist had another patient who was critical and it took 90 minutes of major contractions before I received the epi. I actually thought my body was going to combust and it would all be over right then and there.
  4. The swelling before pregnancy doesn’t even come close to what happens afterwards. I was later told this could be due to the epidural or other medications- but FYI my legs, feet & hands were 3x the size, I could barely put my hands in a fist. They were also extremely itchy. My perfect flip flops were now to small.
  5. Your butt hurts. This was probably my biggest surprise, and probably embarrassing to admit as it makes total sense, but all the pushing is really hard on your butt muscles and you strain them. That was the only part of me in pain after birth, it hurt to walk and I definitely couldn’t even imagine using the bathroom. Fortunately they give you some medication for it and within a few days your muscles relax and you have a bowel movement which totally clears you up.

there you have it. you’re welcome.


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