the first questions…

I can’t lie- I’ve been pretty happy with the amount I’ve gotten out of the house on weekends to socialize (weekends people- weekdays I don’t get dressed until 2pm), and I’ve noticed that when I see friends for the first time since Lincoln, or in a little while ,the questions are always the same: is it so much fun? is he eating well? are you sleeping?

Well here’s what I think about all of those.

a) is it so much fun? no. is it so much fun to smell like spoiled milk, have your hair pulled out because they started understanding how to grasp, or have little daggers digging into your nipple? Yes it’s cute for the 20% of the day I get when Lincoln is awake, smiling (probably farting), looking at me and the world and generally interested that I’m alive- that part is really cute. But the other 80% works like this, diaper change, eat, burp, get hiccups, cry because he realizes he is done eating, cry because now he’s over tired, soothe him to sleep. when he takes his 30-90 minute nap, I shower, eat, pour all the coffee down the hatch, go to the bathroom, catch up on instagram and then he’s awake and I do the cycle all over again. Each nap I try to accomplish something- usually laundry or make the bed. and that’s the day- until dad comes home from work, then we share the chores, organize the house again and right now watch an episode of making a murderer (we’re on the last one!) 

*currently overtired while I’m writing*   

I’m also on EI during my maternity leave which drastically cuts down the money coming in for ‘fun’. I’ve overheard people say “oh that’s awesome- you get paid when you’re not even working.” The things I want to do to anyone who says that (so watch yourself if you say it around me). What you’re forgetting is not only am I raising a child, but we have the same bills and expenses as we did before on way less money.

TIP- check in with your insurance provider, I’m with Great West Life and I was able to receive a pretty decent lump sum of $$ as I claimed Short Term Disability. My doctor had to sign a paper that stated when I delivered and how long I was in the hospital and I scanned it into my insurance provider. About 10 days later it was in my bank account.

b) is he eating well? well at 5 weeks he was in 3 month old clothes….so I’ll just leave it at that. 🙂 Does anyone else have this saddened feeling when your baby is feeding and then during the feed or right after you hear a massive explosion in their diaper? Not only do I think “oh there goes all my milk, just coming right out” but I also know that the post feed drowsiness that I rely on for his nap will be ruined because he’ll wake up when I change his diaper. I mean for a second I definitely think- now he doesn’t seem to mind the dirty diaper, do I really need to do anything? but don’t worry- my senses come to and I think that if I leave him in a dirty diaper it will somehow go up his butt hole and into his intestines and he’ll get really sick. I don’t think anatomy works like that but in my mind it does.

c) am I sleeping? what I definitely didn’t know was that usually in your third trimester your body starts giving you a case of insomnia. It’s normal- you’re getting prepared for what the next few/many months of your life will be like. I had it bad- I would go to sleep around midnight and wake up at 3:30 and that was it; I was awake for the day. It sucked at the time, but now I am so used to not sleeping that I function normally on 4-5 hours of sleep. Right now our golden hours are from 11pm-3am where Lincoln generally sleeps pretty sound, but then he’s usually restless until his first nap around 9am.

Off Topic- but I worked out in the gym for the first time this week (thanks to my girl Paria for the support!!)  Check it out here.

that’s it for now – I’m always open to sharing my thoughts on anything you’d like so just ask away; as long as you want honesty.



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