don’t worry – it’s just a growth spurt.

every time I feel like I’m hitting the jackpot with some sort of routine – he manages to do a 180 on me.

positive things that have happened in the last couple weeks: he definitely knows nighttime & daytime, he has a pretty consistent bedtime of 9pm and I think he knows that, he sleeps in his bassinet at night always now (this was huge) AND he laughs and smiles at me and loves being tickled. those are all pretty cool things.

on the other side of the spectrum, at 8 weeks old he’s supposed to be giving us longer sleeps but this hasn’t happened. he’ll taunt us; one night he slept from 10pm-4am and then the next day he was up every 2 hours. he’ll start wanting to feed every 90 minutes during the day and get really mad when he’s getting tired. Through all of the changes, I have heard the statement “it must be a growth spurt” over and over again. he’s a BABY- of course he’s growing, but please stop trying to tell me every day is a growth spurt and justifying the zombie hours when I want to pull out my hair. just let me be miserable some days- that’s all i need. To be frustrated, get it out and move on.

what’s better yet- is some day (many days) Lincoln’s ‘witching hours’ are 9am-11:30am where I feel like I can’t console him, he’s fussy, constantly hungry and definitely doesn’t want to nap. But 4pm hits and every time Zack walks through the door, Lincoln has just eaten and ready to have a sweet, sound afternoon nap with dad. where’s the love for milk bag mommy over here?

this week we dealt with Linc’s first cold- woof. I felt really bad for the guy, when he would be on his back at night the mucus would collect and he would cough and gargle and never be in a really deep sleep. I legitimately thought he would suffocate on his phlegm every night. He slept on our chests a lot which helped his throat and we used this nasal aspirator to suck out his boogers. they were HUGE, it was literally one of the most satisfying things when you hooked a good one. I couldn’t believe what was in those little nasal passageways, they were filled with guck. we had the bulb sucker and didn’t find that it did anything. we also used saline spray and put menthol in his humidifier. Our doctor recommended baby tylenol, but in the end it’s kind of like the man cold. he was upset about it and didn’t want to take any medication, but would still complain about it. he just needed extra sleep and many people to give him lots of love.

3 days in a row, while he was sick, he decided that he wanted to enter the national poo contest. This is where you see how much force is needed to poo through your diaper, up your back, into your socks, down your pants and plan to do it in public every time (one time it was even when our friend was holding him- sorry Stephen!). this was new- the through the clothes poo, I had heard about this, even saw some photos from friends, but until it happens to you- the amount & the smell are too much to describe. we always keep a spare change of clothes in his diaper bag, but for some reason the first time this happened, they weren’t in there. We were at the doctors office, I was changing him in the bathroom, and it just happened. he just kept pushing it out, I needed to be an octopus for just 5 minutes and have extra sets of hands, but it was too late. his clothes were too far gone and he was having the time of his life. I had to strip him down, put on a new diaper and then wrap him in a receiving blanket- I’m positive the other people in the waiting room were judging my parenting skills.

I also tried running again this week- nothing much, just a warm up at crossfit and a jaunt around the neighbourhood. I basically peed my pants both times and threw out my back, so you could say things are going well. There’s a two month countdown until I’m in a bikini in Miami with girlfriends, so pee or no pee – i’ve got to keep working out. I also need to purchase a new sports bra, things just don’t feel the same anymore. They go from rock hard, throbbing heavy bags to saggy, deflated balloons. Sort of like any pre made michelina or lean cuisine meal that have plastic on the top of them. When you put them in the microwave the plastic peel away top is pushed to the max, it’s tight against the container, and then the microwave beeps as its ending and all the steam lets out, and the plastic just loosens right up. that’s sort of what your boobs do.

so all in all- we made it through this week, the cold must have had something to do with a growth spurt… or winter in Canada, you choose.



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