throwing caution to the wind.

now- what I want to remind everyone is that a blog is a place to host your own thoughts & words. For me, it’s therapeutic. It allows me to put my story all in one place, connect to other parents and remind me that it will all be okay. It will also be a place for me to revisit stories in years to come. so that’s why this is here – a placeholder, a chapter of my life and somewhere for me to get out of my own head.

there was an article posted a couple weeks ago that I haven’t been able to stop thinking about. It was about nursing in the car while it is moving. I didn’t believe it was real, that anyone spent time or effort researching why this is a bad idea- isn’t it just known to be a bad idea? I guess not; after I saw it shared multiple times I came to the realization that this is happening, mothers are breastfeeding their babies while the car is moving. Here is the article I’m referring to. There is absolutely no reason to do this- pull over, go to a side street, wait for the next exit. There is no good reason that you can not wait however many minutes until you can do this safely- even if your baby is crying. You know your child is safe (after all they’re in one of the safest contraptions for them) they’re just hungry. please please please stop doing this and find a different solution that will work for you and your baby.

there was another post on Parent.Co that i LOVED. big time loved. It is titled ‘The Free Time My Husband Doesn’t Realize He Has’. Now, first and foremost- my husband rocks as a dad. He’s currently home early from work, so he has Lincoln upstairs singing the little drummer boy and playing with stuffed animals while I’m downstairs getting caught up on some client emails and finishing my blog post. This is also what we signed up for, a relationship, support and helping each other out so that we don’t lose ourselves. In all of this there’s little moments that I want everyone to revel in. The moments of #freetime mentioned in this post: when you walk to the car without a diaper bag in one arm that is getting caught up in the strap of your purse, while you carry the ever growing carseat in the crook of your opposite arm (and then if your drop your keys you’re just doomed), when you take a shower at work, or go to the bathroom without thinking or looking in the mirror to say to yourself “its 2pm and I’m still in my pyjamas”, and one of the best #freetime moments; a quiet drive to work (or loud if you want to car dance).

This past week my brother and his girlfriend were visiting us in Halifax, he met his little nephew for the first time, and it was so great having a couple extra hands to help out (Lincoln definitely gave them a true look into motherhood with some devilish poops, adorable laughing fits and a couple tears). *pictured here with his uncle Chad*


Chad asked me all about how it was going and we talked a lot about my relationship with Zack but also my relationship with myself; what I was doing to still feel like me and not just mom, and what we were doing to still have a husband/wife relationship. We’ve been fortunate to get out there, big picture, doing all the things we loved doing, just altered. but the biggest thing that I talked about with my brother was just communication between Zack and I. We can’t read each others minds and there is definitely going to be times when one or both of us feel overwhelmed, frustrated or just need some time to recharge and that’s totally OK. but we have to let each other in on how we’re feeling, we have to share our thoughts and we have to have patience with each other. This past week was one of great reflection, tons of mindful goal setting and as always lots of learning. 

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