8 months later & I still pee myself.

Lincoln is almost 8 months old…. getting ready for that instagram post where I can say he’s been out for as long as he was in, or my personal goal 9 months on, 9 months off (that one is going to have to adjust a little bit). I definitely thought my body would be back by now, but then you put time into perspective. You’re literally doing nothing but take care of a newborn, and you can’t / don’t want to, work out right away incase your insides come out. So 3 months go by and you’re maybe just thinking about it. I started mom & baby fitness classes at 6 weeks but trust me, the level of ‘working out’ for me was really just working up the energy to get out of the house & socialize. So maybe at 4 months you’ve gotten back into the swing of things, sweating from classes, but to be fully honest not until Lincoln was around 5-6 months and I was back at work did I start taking time to head to a real class, really sweat, and really burn off some of those calories. Can I start counting the 9 months off, starting at 6 months….??

I just finished an AMAZING yoga class at On The Mat taught by my good friend and beautiful mother Kimi, and during this power flow I felt this “oh no” moment where I could still feel something coming out. That’s right kids, I still pee when doing certain movements, working out to hard or maybe going into a twist a little too deep. My boobs are also tiny- I tried on a bra I haven’t worn in years today (only reason I still have it is because it was so far back in the drawer) and it fit like a charm. To be fair- I was always jealous of smaller boobs, easier for sports, you don’t have to wear the tightest sports bra to keep them in place. But now that they’re on me- they feel so foreign.

On the note of Lincoln- our thing to do this week was repurpose his clothes. Zack cut Lincoln’s pants that were too short, but still fit in the waist, into shorts. They’re perfect. They’re light weight, exactly the length we want, and we didn’t have to buy anything new. He even went so far as finishing the bottom of one pair with a hand sewn hem (who is this guy, right?). Next up is to cut some long sleeve shirts into tank tops. Although some of them fit still, he’s so hot all the time that if we want to get any more use out of them, the scissors must come out! #DIY ?

So if you’re still peeing, or not feeling fab, or boobs just feel like an empty milk bag- have no fear…the end is ____ . Well I actually don’t know, but we’re in it together!

Here’s to a Monday night glass of wine; that makes everything look better!

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