the final countdown

In 2 very quick and short weeks, Lincoln will be starting daycare. Fortunately  at the right time a spot opened up and we were able to enrol him in a friends in home daycare. But at 9 months he’s going to be the youngest by far and of course I’m nervous about everything. How he’ll go down for naps, will he get enough attention, will he cry, will he get frustrated that he sees everyone running around and he can’t? All of these thoughts are on continuous replay. It’s like blockbuster “be kind, rewind” – well you can stop rewinding now.

This past weekend we went to PEI for a wedding and Lincoln had his first babysitter that we didn’t know, no family or friends this time, it was a sweet 14 year old kid. Yes- a kid herself. I was shocked, how will a 14 year old be able to take care of my precious cargo that sometimes I feel like I can’t take care of? And it wasn’t for an hour during the ceremony it was at night, she had to feed him, change him, put him to bed…well she did it. The only peep I heard from her was a text sending me this snap chat filtered picture, not only did it make me laugh but I knew she had it under control. She even messaged me the next day asking when we were coming back there so she could babysit again because Lincoln was so good, you are talking about my wild child right? The lesson for me here is –> other people know what they’re talking about.

What about daycare? What should I know? What should I prepare myself for? Shouting out to the mamas for some advice.

Another new ‘Lincolnism’ is his absolute love for rolling, standing and trying to pull himself up; which are all great development milestones but they also wake him up at night. I generally find him in a completely different position in the morning than when I put him down. I assume he’ll get bored of these new talents and stop waking himself up from them, but for now he’s very proud of himself.

We’ve been spending our days in the sun, with my family, friends and surrounded by loved ones as we pack up our life and head back to the land of Ontario. Lincoln is getting set for his 1300km car ride and I’ll be meeting dad, grandpa & Lincoln in Ottawa on the weekend. Goodbye for now Halifax, we’ll be seeing you soon!

With love,


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  1. Very nicely expressed. The land of Ontario is eagerly awaiting your arrival. I must admit, I will miss my trips to the East Coast, it is so beautiful. Hopefully, the Rideau can help with that. Good luck with the move, look forward to hearing about the road trip and seeing you real soon.

    Love Mom


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