when it all happens at once…

When your baby turns one, and switches from your sweet baby to a toddler there are a lot of other things that happen, besides planning a decked out birthday party (which I did write about). I teamed up with the knowledgable staff at Baby enRoute to show you some transition products to bring you into the unknown of toddlerhood.

  1. Hygiene– you have most likely started by now, but if you haven’t, you toddler needs those pearly whites brushed. The struggle can be real on this one. My son HATES it. He has 4 teeth on top and 2 on bottom with a whole pod waiting to push through his gums. The bristles hurt him and it wasn’t a fun experience. He would try and wiggle away immediately when he saw the brush coming. Thankfully two smart mamas (a psychologist & a dentist) founded The Brushies! An incredible product that turns brushing into an engaging and inviting experience. There’s a story book with characters that turn these silicone finger puppets into a hilarious adventure. Check them out at Baby enRoute- they’re going to disappear fast!

2. Eating -if your child is anything like mine your grocery bill has gone way up. Which means they also need to hydrate. This cup by WOW Gear  has been a game changer. Lincoln went from his bottle randomly to a water bottle with a straw (someone left it at a party and Lincoln snatched it up- sorry friend!) Although this has been super helpful because he can hold it and grab a drink whenever he wants, it also makes a mess when he turns it upside down. WOW cups don’t leak and have a 360 degree edge so they can chomp down anywhere and fill up their bellies.

3. Sleep– possibly the most talked about theme of parenting. How to get more sleep? Hopefully this gem will add some comfort to your toddlers sleep routine. The Baby Works toddler pillow is approved from 12+ up to be in the crib with your sleeping ‘angel’ to give them some additional Z’s. It’s hypoallergenic, made from bamboo fibers and super breathable. It’s the perfect size for their little noggins, and I mean, if there’s anything to aid in sleep, do you really need more reasons to snatch one up?

4. Play– gone are the days I could dangle something above a play mat and he’d be content. Skip Hop is known for fun, interactive toys for all ages, and this push toy is too cute! It was the easiest thing to assemble (which is major points in my book) and the flapping owl makes Lincoln smile right away. A push toy to help them learn to walk, but also a way to help them gauge their balance. Lincoln can already walk but still enjoyed tooting it around as if he was walking a pet…and that’s as close to a pet as he’ll get. So enjoy kiddo!

So besides possibly returning back to work, starting daycare, having a toddler run around and recreating what your days look like – there are a plethora of things that will change as the time comes. Follow along with me as we explore the hilarious world of parenting and discuss all those ‘faux pas’ that we need to talk about more. All of these brilliant pieces are available at Baby enRoute on Richmond Road in Ottawa, but we’re also doing a massive giveaway on our instagram pages. So head over and follow @withlovechelsealyn and @babyenroute and keep your eyes peeled!


Love these shots? Me too! Melanie Mathieu is incredible and can be found here. 

With Love,


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