be the invitation.

At a meeting yesterday, a fellow creative said her intention for 2017 is to be the invitation, and man did that ever strike something up in me. Since moving to Ottawa I have said countless times that it’s been a challenge meeting people, connecting, getting our flow – but what I’ve realized is that I haven’t been letting people in. I haven’t fully and intentionally committed myself to closing this gap in whatever it is I’m looking for. So this is my commitment.

We had an amazing goal setting, turned into brainstorming activity at Becca’s house this weekend that really had me reflect on what I put out into the world. People read my blog for me; they enjoy me rawness, real talk, embarrassing moments that I know we all have, and at the end of the day it is me and only me who can look in the mirror and be proud of what I put out there. I see myself as a risk taker, driven, empathetic, encouraging, real, integral and transparent, but is that how I’m seen in the world? On social media? To my friends?

2017 will be the year of being the invitation. I want to work with you, meet you, grab a cup of coffee. If you’re in Ottawa and have a little one, let’s have a play date. If you’re a photographer that wants someone to write content for photos, message me. I want to lead, support and allow. I want to engage with integrity, I want to celebrate frequently, I want to get rid of the mundane and open up the curious.

And after 2017 comes and goes, let’s continue. Let’s push through to 2018 and beyond, because why stop when you can keep going?

With Love,


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