‘Adult Life’

There are so many adult things that I only started appreciating once I had a child. When I was an adult, without a child, these things were completely off the list.

Here are my top 5:

1.Going to the Library– I have never been to the library so many times in my life, since having a kid. I still don’t own a library card, but man do I ever appreciate libraries. I’ve even spent time looking them up online, and checking out their hours and the kids play area. It’s an acceptable area where children can enjoy themselves, generally with other kids, and you can pretend to read a book or two to make it ‘educational’. Brilliant.

2. Going to Costco– Again, not a huge fan of this place due to the amount of people who don’t navigate their carts in an efficient pattern * you can’t block aisles or just stop mid walk and have a chat: end rant*. But Costco really has the best sample selection and quantity, and the best part, you can almost create a toddler sized meal out of them all.

3. Becoming a mall walker– Again, never saw the interest in gazing at stuff I wanted, but not acting on it. Or walking in circles with florescent lights beaming down on you – but then Lincoln started walking/running and the mall hallways have become solace in the winter months. We have a really quiet little strip mall that is almost always empty, and Lincoln just runs up and down…saviour.

4. Buying old fashioned plain donuts from Tim Hortons– I used to always ask the employee for these to be kept out of the assorted timbit pack, but now that I can’t eat in front of Lincoln without him noticing and whining, these are a perfect treat to keep him happy. One timbit takes him a while to eat, and then I have time to devour the other 9- and that’s if we only get a 10 pack.

5. Going to a Drive Thru– also, the spelling of Drive Thru usually leaves me in a tizzy, but that’s not up to me. I always gawked at people waiting in that long line, when you could park, get in and out faster than one car would move. But now I get it. If it’s the winter and you need to put on your kids boots, jacket, hat, all the things you took off once you put him in the car seat, you do not want to put it all back on. And, this is a big one, if you have a sleeping child, you milk that drive thru. When Lincoln was under 6 months I would drive around for so long literally getting a coffee from one drive thru and something to eat from another. It’s kind of like bar hopping…

I know so many of you must be able to relate to this. What am I missing? What are your new ‘adult’ things to do now that you have the kids in tow?

With Love,


6 thoughts on “‘Adult Life’

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  1. Love it!
    Not so much a place, but a thing.
    We have a slow closing toilet seat. We bought it when someone was just starting to walk and slam things. I love it every day. Like EVERY DAY I am grateful for it. I never thought I would love a toilet seat, heck, didn’t think I’d even notice a toilet seat, but there you have it. Adulting.


  2. I am starting to realize these too! Ari gets bored in our apartment and because it is FREEZING outside, malls + walking around Costco are our favourite things to do!


  3. For me, it’s staying home. I’ve always been a home body. Before kids I had the OPTIO of getting up at random and doing something. Now it’s dress the first kid. Ask the other child to get dressed. Dig for socks for the first. Ask the second again to get dressed. Attempt to find clothes you fit into. Finish dressing the first kid. Ask again that the second child gets dressed. Try to throw some makeup on. Get the diaper bag ready. Flay ironing your hair? pffft. Mom bun for the win. Chase your toddler down and throw sock’s and shoes on them. get to the car and they have to poop. back in the house. they are thirsty. baby needs a diaper change. baby is hungry. Finally, an hour and a half later you are ready to leave!!!

    I’d rather just stay home. Hahahahaha


    1. HAHAHA it’s all so true. I used to be the one to get frustrated when people weren’t on time, now I’m always the culprit!


      1. I’m never on time. Right after our second was born it was much worse. I’d underestimate my time no matter how early we got up.


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