where do I start…

I’ve had an interest in moving to natural products only since Lincoln was born. To be honest, I didn’t really put myself as a health priority, but as soon as it was my job to ensure someone elses’ health is a priority I wanted to jump into action. The issue was; where to start? There is so much information and it can be very overwhelming so here are 3 places I started:

Cleaning products:

Thinking about using a chemical cleaner on anything Lincoln might touch (and then put those hands in his mouth) was the kicker for me. Although I work at a 100% natural wellness company, it took me longer then you’d think to switch over my products. I now have an all natural cleaner that I use for almost everything in the house- AND IT WORKS!

Here’s the easiest household cleaner you’ll ever make:

1 cup vinegar (Acetic acid or white vinegar is a great disinfectant. It also acts as a deodorizer and cuts grease. It will disinfect household bacteria like salmonella, E. coli and other “gram-negative” bacteria with vinegar.)

1 cup water

10 drops orange (antiseptic oil, orange oil can be used very effectively to clean frequently used surfaces like kitchen counters, cutting boards, and cutlery.)

10 drops tea tree (antibacterial – this is the powerhouse; you can also combine with a lotion or carrier oil and it’s a great relief for acne, fungal issues or infections)

*I’ve used essential oils from Saje Natural Wellness– ensure you’re using 100% natural oils that haven’t been diluted*


Personal Deodorant:

The skin under your armpit is so sensitive, the area of your underarms is home to many different nerves and lymph nodes. The skin also doesn’t really get sunlight (unless you always walk with your arms way up in the air; and if you do I’m impressed!) Some of us shave our armpits, then apply a thick layer of protection and then close our arm fold for the rest of the day- it actually is sort of gross when you think about it. So go natural, stop putting chemicals on your sensitive skin.

I’ve found a new natural deodorant that I’m currently obsessing over, and it smells divine! Routine, is made in Calgary and my scent is bonita applebom. It’s base is coconut oil & baking soda and has cinnamon & apple so I smell refreshing and feel uplifted. You can find them online or in many retail locations!


Make Up:

This is a new venture for me and I have a lot to learn. But now that Lincoln loves kissing me face, I’ve also started thinking about what I put on it. I have a pretty awesome all natural skincare regime (that I’ll post about later if you want it!), but make up is really what he’s kissing.

Welcome to Pink House- Glow Sticks. This highlighter comes in SO many shades! I found this at CraftestCanada  and am instantly hooked on how easy it is to use, and how available natural make up is. I’ve chose the colour Copper, and will basically be using this every single day for a little brightness to my long days & nights #toddlerlife

Hope this helped show you how easy it can be to start going natural. Here’s to ridding ourselves of the chemicals we’re constantly digesting!

With Love,



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