Step by step to looking flawless in a photoshoot…

About a month ago I had the pleasure of meeting Bethany Amanda, an Ottawa photographer based out of Stittsville. She was on the lookout to connect with other Ottawa creatives and mistakenly she reached out to me and wanted to hang; she had to endure my not so funny jokes and old school playlist while we chatted about motherhood and balancing life.

Little did I know, this photoshoot would turn out this beautiful. I’m usually behind the camera AND I’m super awkward- so I thought it would be a pretty fun morning to switch places and see how it feels to get ready for my own photoshoot.

A few things that I did to get ready for the photoshoot in full mom/full time worker mode:

Step #1. I wanted to get my hair cut, and I didn’t – you can always rely on a trusty hat.


Step #2. When you really want to have time for a pedicure, but it doesn’t make the priority list, you just ensure all the photos are shot far away.


Step #3. Dancing in the middle of a photoshoot really curbs nervousness. 

Step #4. Make friends with the locals- they’ll totally get your sense of humor.


Long story short, just be yourself. Don’t wear things you aren’t comfortable in and be who you would normally be. I wear this Mat & Nat backpack ALL THE TIME and I was on my way to work after this, so naturally it came with me, and received some love as well.


Check out Bethany Amanda’s blogpost about our date here and show her some love on instagram. She has the most gorgeous house & shooting location, definitely swing by for a visit. (Bethany- I just invited people to your house…!)

And as always, keep laughing.


With Love,


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