would you rather?

Would you rather suffer a man cold or have a baby dealing with their first daycare sickness? Or would you rather deal with both, and have both suspects refuse to do anything about said sickness. I choose both - I mean, why not? They all say "Go Big or Go Home" right? My little rascal... Continue Reading →

logical motherhood.

This motherhood thing really never gets to a place where it feels normal to me. I'm not sure if it's supposed to get to that place, but if it is- I'm not there. I watch moms in the mall, at the park, on the plane, anywhere and some of them look so normal, like it's... Continue Reading →

the final countdown

In 2 very quick and short weeks, Lincoln will be starting daycare. Fortunately  at the right time a spot opened up and we were able to enrol him in a friends in home daycare. But at 9 months he's going to be the youngest by far and of course I'm nervous about everything. How he'll... Continue Reading →

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