would you rather?

Would you rather suffer a man cold or have a baby dealing with their first daycare sickness? Or would you rather deal with both, and have both suspects refuse to do anything about said sickness. I choose both – I mean, why not? They all say “Go Big or Go Home” right?

My little rascal is sick. Boogers, hacking cough, sulking, and to top it off my poor baby is also sick. Lincoln has never had so much snot pouring out of his nose. Fortunately he’s Lincoln and will do everything in his power to put on a smile, but it literally made my heart drop into my stomach when daycare called and said he was ‘off’. The sweet boy ended up falling asleep in her arms at 11am and slept for 4 1/2 hours. I guess that’s the best thing though? Luckily there’s no fever and he’s fine to be at daycare (I think he likes it more than being at home), and I’m going to do a deep clean of the house to rid these germs.

The husband on the other hand won’t go to bed early, even though every night he says “tomorrow I have to go to bed at 8pm”, he won’t take my plethora of amazing natural healing products that I keep trying to push on him, and he runs himself to the ground being busy. Who do we continuously try to impress when we’re sick? Why do we still go to work? Just be sick. Get better. And then continue on.

One of my greatest strengths is keeping things together, staying cool under pressure and never showing my stress level – to me thats a strength, to others they may think I’m a robot. img_5027

Besides the sickness- my next project in the house is the basement. I want this to be a fun area, but still classy. Our guest room is down there, so I want adults to not feel like they’re in a circus. I also want Lincoln to love being down there playing in the winter, learning and interacting with some really cool educational toys. Are there any toys out there you love? Anything we can make that’s been a huge hit at your house? There are these sensory boards that I’ve seen online- has anyone had any luck with those?

Send me your favourite items for your little ones!

With love,




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