a pinterest filled weekend.

this was by far one of the most project productive weekends. there are always those lingering tasks that you keep on your to do list that don’t get done. They get crossed off, added to the next day, added to the phone list, put in the agenda and still just seem to miss the beat on actually getting done. that was me with pumping and finding a mobile.

  1. Pumping. I’m going to Miami in about 30 days (insert major freak out face here). It’s my best friend’s bachelorette party and 8 of us are selling our souls to the US dollar. Lincoln eats about 10 times a day, and our goal is to have half of those be breast milk while the other half is formula. So I need to pump 25 bags. To those reading this that have no idea what pumping looks like, feels like or probably doesn’t want to know about it at all; I’ll give you the delightful inside scoop. You attach a suction to your milk bag breast and let the motor do its work. You pray that milk is actually coming out, and sometimes after 30 minutes you’re left with 2 ounces of milk. For perspective Lincoln eats 5 ounces every time so pumping is NOT time sensitive. For some, pumping is easy- they have tons of milk and it pours out. I am not one of those people and I also have to take his feeds into consideration. I can’t pump it all out and then have no treats in the treat bag left for daily consumption. After asking around and scouring pinterest I tried making lactation cookies.  basically you add brewers yeast to any normal cookie recipe and its supposed to aid your milk supply. We made oatmeal chocolate chip cookies and added 2 tbsp of brewers yeast. They look normal and just have a slightly different after taste; I had 1 cookie and then boom pumped a bag and a half. I have one cookie/day because I’m scared of taking too many. Sort of like when you’re constipated and you take a laxative, you’ve gotta be careful with that stuff and not go overboard. Every time that 1 cookie has been able to pump a full 4-5 ounce bag as well as keep up with all the regular feedings. wins all around- food for him, cookies for me.


2.      Mobile. I had been actively searching etsy, online store websites, and amazon to find that perfect nautical themed mobile for Lincoln’s crib. I saw one on etsy but the price was outrageous. I sort of thought we could make one but again gave up on the idea a couple times and continue the web search thinking if I keep checking the same sites something new will pop up – much like the open the fridge, close the fridge, look for something new technique that never works-. After talking to Zack about it and seeing another blogger  (@loveandsundays) post her DIY mobile I knew it was a feat that could be tackled. Without boring details that no one really cares about, all the supplies were at Michael’s, totalling a whopping $14 and only took 2 hours to make and hang. The end product is beautiful and we were able to create the exact feel for the room.

Etsy Mobile – $135


DIY mobile- $14

boom. pinterest for the win.

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