Update- I found a bathing suit! last week so many people gave me great ideas & options and I wanted to share my findings. There were some cute, simple ones at Joe Fresh that I really liked but again the full piece suits were too short on my torso and the bikinis still weren’t panning out. (maybe in like 5000 sit ups they’ll start to look better). I was also weary of ordering online if we didn’t have that store here- I didn’t want to pay for shipping and then maybe not like it and have to pay for shipping back. Victoria Secret I would’ve had to pay duties…the list goes on and on. I ended up ordering from La Vie En Rose and it was awesome! free shipping, canadian company and we have a store in Mic Mac if you need to return anything. It was easier for me to order a whole bunch on line and then try them on at home, rather than going  to the store with lincoln, in the small change rooms with dust bunnies, terrible lighting and sweaty socks. I ended up with this awesome one piece, its true to size, super comfy, has a built in bra so I can stick in those nipple pads and leaves a little extra room in the tummy so I can go nuts on all the delicious food & drinks!

Shopping online is just such an easy thing to do on mat leave, and then going for a ‘walk’ in the mall during the winter months just adds fuel to the fire. I’m still in-between my old clothes and my maternity clothes- so I just *had* to buy some new outfits for Miami. Even though spending all that hard earned maternity leave money on clothes wasn’t the plan; it actually has been a good experience. I need to feel like I have some nicer things to wear now, instead of looking at a closet of stuff that just doesn’t work for my body yet. Just gotta treat yourself. we all deserve it 🙂

we’ve been on the search for a wrap of some sort to hold Lincoln in during the day. Even though he’s growing he still loves to be held a LOT. We have a baby bjorn structured carrier but I was finding it too bulky for daytime use and Linc couldn’t really see out of the sides much so it was pretty boring for him to just stare at our chest. I have a friends’ moby wrap but the long piece of fabric was very overwhelming to me, and then I tried another friends solly baby wrap today and after getting a demonstration, felt a little bit more educated. We went to Fiddleheads (which I suggest EVERYONE goes to- they are super friendly and so patient) and ended up purchasing a Tula ring sling. The fabric was really soft, and supposedly gets softer as you use it, Zack felt comfortable in it, Lincoln instantly went to sleep in the store while in it and it can be used a lot of different carrying ways- which was a big plus. so I guess we’re officially #babywearing which feels very granola to me but hey- whatever works. *Zack became famous with the ladies*

Next thought (also I feel like I’m just rambling, but thats where my headspace is at!) – daylight friggin’ savings. I hate you. It has really messed up Lincoln’s sleeping habits, now he’s only going to bed around 10pm which leaves no time for Zack and I to just hang out for an hour or so together before we go to sleep. woof. we’re still having a hard time getting him to sleep through the night in his crib, I don’t know what else to do. It seems like as soon as my arms let go of him in his crib, he wakes right up out of a deep sleep. It’s just not fair. But then he’ll come into the bed and sleep just fine on his back or side- he’s 14 weeks old and already outwitting me. how is this happening?

And does anyone else get a crazy howling baby when they wake up? It’s so weird- if he wakes up in his crib, on his own, he’ll just play for about 10 minutes. But if he wakes up being held or in his carseat it is like his whole body is on fire. He screams and cries and it sounds so sad, but its just his own interesting little wake up routine.

thank you SO much for all the airplane advice, I’m feeling more prepared for sure and getting to the point where if he cries, he cries- I can do everything I can to prepare for a good flight but in the end I can’t always control how he’s feeling.


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