wizards do exist.

there is just SO much that has been happening in our lives that I’ve fallen behind on my updates. where to begin…?

  1. Lincoln and I had our first flight. It was way better than imagine! Westjet was fantastic and we learned a lot of tips. Westjet has ‘plus’ seats, they are $50 extra but if you are travelling with a little one alone this is a MUST. they are extra big seats and the middle seat has been converted into a tray table. This was prime when I was preparing his bottle, I don’t know how I would have held him on my lap and got everything together without the extra space to put down his formula. Our flight going to Toronto was super early so Lincoln slept the first hour and then was awake and happy the last hour. Our flight attendant, Butch, helped me so much in & out of my seat and even held and played with Lincoln. I was able to bring the carseat & stroller right up to the gate and gate check both of them. It was so much easier as Linc was asleep while we were waiting to board. On the way back our flight was in the afternoon so Lincoln was a little more wired. There were 5 other babies on the flight and when one started crying- they would all go. Luckily this only lasted the first 10 minutes and then they all ate and all fell asleep. Lincoln slept the ENTIRE flight. I had to wake him up once we landed. He didn’t seem to even notice the change in air pressure. Westjet also kept my bottles in the fridge and warmed them up for me when I needed them. I can’t say enough good things about how helpful they were. #westjetforthewin #goodbyeaircanada   
  2. Food- oh baby do we have a little hulk on our hands. He is definitely ready for food. He grabbed at everyone’s meals, yesterday morning he even grabbed so fast he took a handful of Zack’s scrambled eggs and brought it up to his mouth. We let him suck on a carrot, taste some pickle, an orange slice- and he loved it all. We’re going to start him on foods in the next couple weeks, now I just need to figure out how to do that…. mush everything up? Do I have to start reading mooooore books on this? It’s honestly so much better & easier if you all just tell me how you did it; and then I’ll just do that. 🙂

3. THE BELLY OF THE BEAST– SLEEP TRAINING! we did it.. we’re doing it. HOLY SH*T!!! I’m almost nervous to put it out into the universe for some ridiculous reasoning like it will jinx this magical phenomenon but this is the best thing since coffee came into my life. Our sleep consultants, Abi & Graham, are wizards. That’s the only way I can describe them. And nice.. really nice, and understanding. We started Thursday night, so we’re on night #5 and I put Lincoln in his crib.. AWAKE..at 7:10pm and he put himself to sleep. I literally can’t even comprehend that this is happening. I am in such amazement of how quickly our little man picked up on these new sleep habits. Turns out everything we were doing that we thought was helping him, was keeping him awake and totally frustrating us. When he was scream crying in our faces for an hour at night, I imagine he was just yelling “PUT ME DOWN!” Or when we would parade him around until he was deep asleep in our arms and then try to maneuver him into his crib. (also- has anyone tried to spell maneuver before…? wow spellcheck couldn’t even come up with a match my first two tries). Now it’s not all peachy keen- it’s really hard to hear him cry, but we know he’s fine and his cries haven’t been very long. Except one. Yesterday morning he cried for 90 minutes at like 4:00am. And it’s not a whimper- it’s a full out wailing, body moving, sweating ordeal. But you just HAVE to be consistent or it’s actually not fair to your babe because you’ll end up confusing the heck out of them. Ended up I think his stomach hurt because once he got up for the day he just let us have it, again, and again, and again….you get the point. So do it- you won’t do it on your own. It seems so simple, but the structure and guidance is invaluable. And they offer a 100% money back guarantee- you literally can’t go wrong.


That’s all for now- I’m going to go watch Big Brother Canada because I can, because I don’t have a baby scream crying in my face.







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