the last ten pounds. how cliche and how friggin real it is. When I first started losing the baby weight it was shedding right off, I was feeling great about how quickly I was getting back to my size and I even fit into a pair of jeans again. And then it just stopped. WTF. I still have this pooch, gut, loose belly just hanging out waiting for swimsuit season to kick in so it can have a warm welcome. No thank you. The eviction sign is up and it’s gotta go.

Anyone else feel this way? Is the ‘mombod’ forever? I’ve stepped up my game. I started a diet on Sunday.. now before we get all opinionated about loving your body, and “you just had a baby relax” it’s my body & mind and I’ll push it to where I’m comfortable again. Let me be frank I was also indulging because “I just had a baby” and using that as a crutch. I’m out with Lincoln a lot; he’s one busy bee (I wonder where he gets that from…) and because of this I often stop in at little spots and grab a cup of coffee, I wish that was the only thing. I always find myself grabbing something else too, a cookie, croissant, samosa, biscotti- basically whatever they have, I’ll eat it. So this ended. It was the in-between constant snacking. I’m a snackaholic. I’m absolutely addicted to finishing my meals with a treat. Or the best “we’re going to watch a movie, what treats should we buy?” That’s probably my all time favourite line, and so justified. By far my favourite food group & meal is munching. Zack is getting on board since he does most of the cooking and if any delicious treaties are in the house they’re fair game. I have zero will power.

I’ve also stepped up my workout game a bit- on top of the parent & babe classes I have been going to (Mon/Wed @ Canada Games Center and Tues/Thurs @ Cyclone Group Fitness) I’m going to be adding Parent & Baby yoga at On the Mat Halifax and 2 personal workouts a week. Because let’s be serious half of the class Lincoln cries or I play with someone else’s babe and don’t work out, so these personal workouts will be where I sweat beyond belief, throw down some heavy weights or kick it off with some cardio.

What else is there? What are you guys doing to shed these last 10? My goal is by May 24 I’ve lost 6 of those pounds for good. By for good I mean consistently, you know sometimes you weigh yourself in the morning or when you’re feeling skinny, and then you weigh yourself at night and it’s all f*cked up? One day I fluctuated FOUR pounds in ONE day. I felt on top of the world in the morning and then by the end of the day I was knee dip in a bag of doritos.

And I feel like I need to reiterate before I burn all bridges; moms are hot. We birthed humans, our bodies made tiny miracles and you created LIFE. It’s wild. And I appreciate it, I appreciate my body for accomplishing this huge task and for giving me my beautiful amazing little Lincoln- but now I’m choosing to thank my body for getting it back to where it feels beautiful again. Mombod has whatever meaning you put behind it; I just want my mombod to have less rolls than the bakeries I go to.


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