just get me there – travel essentials!

We made it. We’re officially Ottawaians…that’s definitely not a word. but we’re here. The boys did the 1300+ km drive while I was in Vancouver and seemingly  they were in pretty good spirits. There are a few reasons why the drive & location change was made a little easier and I want to pass on all our ‘needs’ when travelling with Lincoln.

  1. Aroma Fairy Mist from Saje Natural Wellness. This mist is 100% natural with purified water, aloe vera, lavender, chamomile and is an amazing calming mist for children. *I’m completely comfortable using the mist with infants, but I wouldn’t suggest the roll on until they’re toddlers* I’ve been using it in Lincoln’s room since he was about 5 months old and not only can I see that he loves it, the smell is also so majestic that you would never know when he poops in the carseat 🙂
  2. Baby’s Breath Head to Toe from Fiore Botanica. We travel with Lincoln quite a bit and he spends a lot of time in his carseat or on planes or in hotel rooms. I always want to make sure he gets a great bath each night and gets rid of all those germs. This 100% natural soap is SLS & SCS free, again infused with lavender & chamomile, it’s also foaming so Lincoln loves playing in the water with it. *pair it with Baby’s Breath Bum & Body Cream*
  3. His favourite book so that nighttime when travelling can still feel like home. We read this one every night before bed and he loves the sing song rhymes.
  4. SKIP HOP Chelsea Diaper Satchel. I love this for more than it’s obviously amazing choice of name, but that it looks like a purse and has so many great travel compartments. It fits everything I need for Lincoln and the two front pockets are perfect for passports, plane tickets, wallet, phone, etc. It takes away from me having to carry my own purse. A great diaper bag is worth the investment. I also just saw this bag also comes in a backpack form and I think I need it.
  5. Baby Monitor. We’ve been travelling with family lately which not only makes travelling easier but allows us a ‘getaway’ room for the evenings. We’ll put Lincoln to sleep in our room, put the monitor on, and head to the room beside ours to watch tv, have a glass of wine, or just not sit in pitch black from 7pm onwards.

Today was Lincoln’s first day at daycare under the excellent watch of Stephanie Mason at Elephant Shoe Dayhome, and from the pictures I’ve received today he’s doing great. I was/am so nervous because he’s still so young (9 months) and isn’t crawling so I was wondering what he was going to do all day, but it looks like he’s been a busy bee with a huge, cheeky smile on his face. (No surprise to those that know him) The day home is out of the way from our house, but having someone we know & feel comfortable with watching our most prized possession is worth the gas money. I surprised myself when I felt a little emotional handing him off and driving away. Linc has been around so many people, but knowing that this is the first step in him being in school for the next 18 or so years. WOW.

Our house is still under some renovations which has made living in it quite challenging. The first couple nights all 3 of us slept in the guest bed in the basement because it was away from all the paint & dust. Slowly but surely I know it will come together and I can’t wait to show you the finished product.

Onto another adventure!

With love,



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