daycare highs & nighttime lows..

The first week of daycare was hugely successful. Lincoln clamped on like a social butterfly, analyzing all of the ‘big kids’ moves. He had no problem adapting to their routine of 1 nap. He was put down for his regular morning nap but was having none of it knowing everyone else was still playing. So by the second day he was down to 1 long 2 1/2 hour nap mid day. It was definitely an adjustment once he got home around 4:45, he was tired, confused and I think a little bored. But on the third evening we had his home routine down. In just five short days he learned to feed himself and will get absolutely outraged in his high chair if I try to feed him anymore, he’s almost standing on his own and he never stops saying dada even as much as I try to switch it to mama. I swear, in another six months he’ll be training for the next Olympic Games. 

{first meal at daycare}

Now the sad part is how independent he’s getting so fast. I can’t believe I’m saying this… I really can’t.. But man it’s flying by. Right now- the first bit didn’t at all; but right now I can’t believe he’s in his second week of daycare. The weekend was hard because his schedule was confused again. He had morning naps because he wasn’t as busy and he definitely wanted to be more social than spending quality time with mom trying to get our new house organized. 

{crashing at home after daycare}

The new dilemma is now he won’t take a bottle. He loves his water bottle with a straw for meals ( we tried the sippy cup and he wasn’t into it), but in the morning and before bed he still got a bottle of formula. This morning when he didn’t want it, and was screaming in protest, he just had egg/banana pancakes and was obsessed with these little guys. It’s the easiest and super heathy quick breakfast for him. But at night his routine is a bottle before bed and I think he relies on that to go to sleep. What did you guys do once your babe didn’t want the bottle anymore? I feel like he still needs that fill up before his long nighttime sleep, is there another way to give it to him? Should I try it in a different type of drinking container? And of course zack & I are both away for work this week and my parents have to be the ones to figure this out (sorry team!) I think he’s also going through a little bit of stranger danger, he just turned 9 months and I think this is around the time it’s normal? Does it last long? Is there anything I can do to help him get adjusted quicker? I don’t want to always grab him so that he’s clingy to me, but I don’t want him to be uncomfortable at the same time. 

For the first time I’m also feeling guilty for being away, I’m not sure why it’s different. Maybe because it’s the first time neither Zack or I are there? But I’m having major woes about being away. There have also been all of the changes possible these past two weeks and I’m not feeling settled myself so I can only imagine how a little guy must feel. 

This is a big HELP post, so shoot me your advice, thoughts, and wise words! 

With love,


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