365 days ago

My wild one is now ONE.LincolnFinal-5.jpg

A whole year has passed, and I think I’m supposed to say, “It went by so quickly.” And in the grand scheme of things, yes a whole year has come and gone, but boy have we been busy. Splitting maternity/parental leave, getting our first house in order, 2 new jobs (1 for each of us) and then a huge move from Halifax to Ottawa- our lives have been full, but much more excitingly filled with our wild man, King Lincoln. We had a “wild one” filled celebration with my parents this weekend- and it was perfection. LincolnFinal-1.jpg

Lincoln has a huge personality and his ability to make everyone laugh, cry or calm down is magnificent. LincolnFinal-6.jpg

The year had ups and downs. A baby isn’t easy on relationships, you have to reconfigure how you relate to each other and what is important. What has been a blessing for us is that when we start fighting about something (usually something insignificant), Lincoln does something hilarious or comes up and hugs one of us, and then we instantly stop arguing. His ability to check us back into reality is so profound and I am so appreciative of his little gift. For me personally, he has taught me patience. If you work with me, you might think “she was worse?” Yes. Yes I was. I am more patient than I ever have been. What a pleasure you have been little man. LincolnFinal-9.jpg

Our family of 3 is perfect. We complete each other and are exactly what we each need at any given time. Lincoln goes to us for different things. He loves cuddling with me, always wants to be in my arms, kissed, snuggled or just wanting to hold my hand. It breaks down my tough exterior and allows me to just be in the moment.

When it comes to playtime, he would much rather be with Zack. Zack stops thinking logically and is so free and fun with Lincoln. They chase each other around, laugh until they get the hiccups and always are there to finish each other’s meals. LincolnFinal-2.jpg

Happy Birthday Lincoln – you are absolutely the piece that keeps us all sane, loving and thankful. We love you so much!


With Love,


Photos by: Melanie Mathieu

Lincoln’s “I Do What I Want Shirt: Mo Green Shop

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