Sometimes I think back on years in high school and university and think, holy shit, I could’ve been a better human. Elementary school doesn’t count- we’re not great humans then. I mean, I bet some of you were. But I feel like that’s the time you’re supposed to get in trouble, figure yourself out, do stupid dares, pull pranks and have your teachers confused if they really don’t like you, or think you’re actually really funny.

294726_612454759968_447673339_n.jpg*insert- I’m confident they all really liked us, but had to put on a front about it*

As the years pass by and we get older, kids, puppies, home, new jobs and weddings have all come into many of our lives. But one thing really sticks and that’s the girls. The girls you can not talk to for 6 months and when you connect again it’s like no time has passed. Where you can literally think “Do I even know where they live right now”, and then you shoot them a message and the next moment you’re planning a trip to go see them.

I also look back and think, hmmm… I probably could’ve been a nicer friend/partner/person/coach/teammate; but the great thing is, generally, your girls don’t hold grudges. We might in the moment, when we were younger, but we just don’t now. We realize what’s important. I know you’re thinking, “what just happened that this is coming up?” and it’s nothing. Well I guess it’s something; looking back on pictures of the glory years.

Those years where we slept in, had as much wine or vodka as we wanted, went to the gym to really just talk about the hilarious stories we wanted to catch up on, or made unexplainable, undeniably hilarious choices that can’t be repeated. Those years were golden. 


High school was a riot. I mean it was also a nightmare at times, the break ups, the exams, the cliques, but man it was #goals. University was the time to really discovery who we were, without the confines of our parents and homes. We were unleashed to figure it out and see how we blossomed, and blossom we did. House parties, varsity sports teams, homecomings and sleepovers…unforgettable.10389433_656253417108_7086695738317981584_n.jpg

What I love about this next phase is that this wild road of ‘momhood’ has connected me and reconnected me to so many amazing humans I didn’t have those glory years with, or didn’t appreciate fully. And now, again, it’s like no time has passed. We’re on the same path, we get each other’s lives without having been in them for years, maybe more than a decade, but it doesn’t matter. It’s unspoken, and I love that. So high fives to the girls, the squad and all those who just keep going, unspoken, creating those relationships that I so cherish.

With Love,


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