Have baby, will travel.

As most of you know I travel a LOT with Lincoln in tow. Zack and I both travel constantly for work and we just make each week work. One week never looks the same as the week previous and we rely so much on the support of our families for our crazy schedule. The upside to all of this is that Lincoln has become a very adaptable child and can move into a new routine, daycare, or timezone with ease (thank goodness!).

Lately we’ve been using Airbnb instead of hotels and I wanted to share some travel tips with all the fellow moms & dads out there waiting for their next trip with their babes.


  1. Airbnb all the way. There is way more room for kids to play, crawl, sleep and for you still have your own space. In a hotel room the mobile crib is at the foot of the bed, and at kid bedtime you basically have to stop all things and sit there quietly until you fall asleep hours later. At an Airbnb, you can choose your surroundings. Do you want two bedrooms, do you want a big living room, big kitchen, whatever you want- you can make it happen and most often for less than a hotel.
  2.  You usually get to stay in better locations. Side streets are quieter which is better for the babes bedtime, and you don’t have elevators, people walking the hallway, a loud room beside you, or constant foot traffic that you’d likely have in a hotel.
  3. You can look for places with laundry! HUGE plus when travelling with kids.
  4. You have a full kitchen to make food, have bottles, and you don’t have to think about getting changed in the morning to go down to the restaurant buffet with a tired, cranky kid who will only eat a muffin and you just want to sit , distract him with paw patrol & have coffee. No one’s judging you at breakfast in your own space.
  5. A new one for this trip was to pack this suction plate in his diaper bag. I bought this one from en route in Westboro and have used it too many times to count. It was perfect when our flight was delayed and I just suctioned the plate to a metal frame near a window, and Lincoln ate and stared out watching the planes. It was perfect and highly recommended to add to your diaper bag if you travel a lot.img_5500
  6. I also brought along sticky toys that you can pull & peel off a window. Originally intended for the plane (I always book a window seat) so that he could play with them on the airplane window, but with the delay we again played with these on the huge windows at the airport and he LOVED it. Laughing, pulling them off and slapping them back on. Super smart addition and very cheap. img_5540
  7. We also invested in a travel high chair that clips onto the table. Last trip we didn’t bring a high chair and it was really annoying. We bought the Iglesina Fast Table Chair from amazon and loved it. Once we felt comfortable (it’s sort of weird just having him hang out and trusting it’s sturdy) but after a few goes we were just popping him in & out. It was easy to fit to the table, packed up pretty small (fit in my suitcase) and was a good price point. This was a huge win for this trip. img_5534
  8. What I forgot about and will definitely add to my list next time is to bring outlet covers. Now that Lincoln gets around super speedy it would’ve been great to have this checked off the list.

If you’re a family that travels, or if you have a trip coming up and have any questions just comment on this post- I’d love to hear from you!

With Love,


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