get fit or die trying

About a week ago I asked the Instagram world for any tips, tricks or support on prioritizing my health and wellness, and I was blown away by the response and really valid answers. I’ve taken some of the easiest switches and compiled them below:

  1. WATER. To make drinking water measurable and quick for someone like me who loves a challenge; I’ve just committed to chugging a glass of water before every cup of coffee. This is a great start for me, and knowing that I want/NEED my coffee it forces me to get some hydration. (tip from @caitomc)
  2. GUT HEALTH. In the morning, first thing, chug room temperature water (20-30 oz goal) with a a half a lemon squeezed into it. This flushes your system and not only can help with migraine relief but an overall cleanse of your gut. I haven’t tried this one out yet, but I suffer from severe migraines and was told that after a week this is a miracle worker- so I’m game to test it out. (tip from @kristin204)
  3. WORK OUT BUDDY. I love a good workout, but also know I’m super motivated to work out with other people, also signing up for classes really holds me to it. Try finding someone who wants to get physically fit with you. Whether it’s sharing it on IG, or posting in local groups- don’t feel weird. Everyone else is waiting for a gym friend. (tip from @thebearandthebutterflyphotog)
  4. MAKE IT REALISTIC. Something I really need support with is not thinking you’re can make all of these drastic changes at once. Be reasonable and smart. What can you incorporate now, crush it, and then move onto the next. It won’t work if you do everything at 60% rather than 1 thing at a time with your full effort. (tip from @erinwalrus86)
  5. EMOTIONAL EATING. This is a big one for me. I snack when I’m bored or anxious. Reward yourself with treats, don’t eat 3 donuts because you’re stressed. Eat 1 when you’ve hit the goal of going to the gym 5 x a week; or you have a date night planned and you know the red wine is coming out- celebrate then and make it special. (tip from @madebymudge)

Who wants to make some awesome healthy commitments with me? Connect with me here or message me on Instagram! Let’s make some accountability buddies.


With Love,


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  1. I am on the road to losing weight and becoming healthy! I seriously need to drink more water. I find it so difficult to drink that much! Good for you for really getting at it girl!


      1. Sounds good to me! I seriously could use a workout buddy + some to keep me accountable. Funny though, I have been putting together a work out post for my blog and will be posting it in the coming weeks. It’s all for mommas who don’t have a lot of time to work out or don’t have the extra funds for a gym membership (like me!) haha

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  2. I’m totally going to try drinking water with half a lemon squeezed in before my coffee. I also suffer from migraines and I will try anything to help get rid of them. Thanks for all these great tips!!


  3. Go Chelsea! looking forward to following your progress! I recently completed a round of Whole 30 and found it was a great boost to get me on track! I am now committed to eating much better and getting regular exercise. I am guilty of expecting everything to change at once so managing expectations is a goal for me too! I am encouraging you and cheering you on from afar!


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