and now we’re four.

Before I start going into topics; I thought I should write down some realities that have set in. Anytime I've shared something truly honest, someone has reached out to say that they're in the same boat - and that's what this is all about. Going into the last couple months of pregnancy with Lennox I... Continue Reading →

and the reality is setting in…

I really expected myself to be sharing on here more during my second pregnancy, sharing updates, photos and documenting this wild experience; but if this pregnancy is anything like what's to come - I better be ready to keep moving at a fast speed. With a second, third, etc, child there is no time (I... Continue Reading →

mom, dad + 2.5 kids, right?

Everyone has drawn one of those 'picture perfect' families; you know the ones with a husband and a wife (both with smiles nonetheless), a boy and a girl child and then usually a dog as well. Everyone is holding hands in front of their house, the sun is shining and the perfect little stick figures... Continue Reading →

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