New Year; Better You.

I generally write about parenting and momming but this is all about you. YOU.

Stop scrolling; and take 5 minutes to yourself. You’re not too busy. You’re not in too much of a rush. Go pretend to sit on the toilet, and just stop for a few minutes. I’ll wait.




Ready? Ok.

Let’s stop talking about changing everything for our new years resolutions and let’s start talking about bettering who we already are, what we already do, and those we already love. Let’s just expand our palette, not create a new one. If 2017 was hard- that’s great! You don’t learn when you’re in your comfort zone, you don’t learn when you’re not being challenged. Take those into 2018 and make it just as hard. Make it work, but make it work for you and not against you. Find ways to add to your cup so that it’s overflowing.

Have no idea where to start? Well – that’s the EXCITING NEWS. I’ve created some templates just for you. Let me set the stage first. I am not tech savvy, I do not know how to use these tools online, so I’ve done the very best I could. I’ll be working them out over the next few weeks, but this is what I have so far.

VISION & GOALS withlovechelsea- vision and goals worksheet

  1. Recognize what your non-negotiables are. What do you refuse to not have in your life? For me it’s: quality time, challenging & innovative work, self development and infectious energy. That gives me a great start to writing out my vision for my best life and bringing in these qualities.
  2. Write out your vision. Your vision of the best life possible. Add as much detail as you can. Where will you be? Who will be with you? How will you spend your weekends?

“In 10 years I turn 41. Zack and I continue to to grow and learn with each passing year. I am a brand connector, mentor and corporate coach and support people in finding their path. Zack continues to be the chef of the family, while I get our calendars organized. We tend to eat on the road as we  head to soccer games, gymnastics and play dates because we love our social life and our kid(s) is/are rockstars. I am a powerful coach and manager connecting brands and people and pushing my team to their full potential. My job is infused with laughter, dream building, failure and a breathtaking wardrobe. On top of a full time role, I am still creating content for companies that I love. We live in a modern home, close enough to the city for fun, but suburban enough that we have lots of room for visitors and haven’t broke the bank.

Zack and I check in with our goals, values and vision on our anniversary every year and recommit to being the partner, friend and parents we need for each other and ourselves. I am a mentor, role model, community advocate, PTA member, coach, lover, risk-taker, and team member. Our days are full, and our dreams are big. We get lost sometimes, but always find our way back.”

3. Take from your vision and create your SMART goals. Make sure your goals and  your vision collide; theses should be the steps you’ll need to push for in order to live out your best life. They should be challenging, even scary, but ring so true when you read them. You might not even know how to accomplish some of them, but if you do, there’s no stopping you. For some of you, splitting your goals into segments might help. You can separate professional & personal, you can add in wellness, lifestyle, whatever you want.

So now go take your time; and think about how you want to better what you already have.

With Love,



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