small and smelly.

This past week we were closer than ever as a family….physically. We spent a week in a hotel room; not one of those fancy suites but a standard room, queen bed, with a travel crib placed at the foot of it. It was tight, and very, very smelly at times and I'm not solely blaming... Continue Reading →

the firsts.

There are so many firsts, first time he crawls, walks, eats food, smiles, says mama, first birthday and first day at daycare. But this past weekend so many of us had our first mother's day. Mine was perfect. Not only did Lincoln sleep until 8am (!!!!) but when we went downstairs Zack had prepared an... Continue Reading →

real world.

so… what do you do all day? Obviously I look like this: just joking. I have a bunch of friends who are newly pregnant- which is wonderful news- and I'm sure you're all going to be way more 'with it' than I am. But it had me thinking, I wonder if people know the real... Continue Reading →


the last ten pounds. how cliche and how friggin real it is. When I first started losing the baby weight it was shedding right off, I was feeling great about how quickly I was getting back to my size and I even fit into a pair of jeans again. And then it just stopped. WTF.... Continue Reading →

wizards do exist.

there is just SO much that has been happening in our lives that I've fallen behind on my updates. where to begin…? Lincoln and I had our first flight. It was way better than imagine! Westjet was fantastic and we learned a lot of tips. Westjet has 'plus' seats, they are $50 extra but if... Continue Reading →

pump n’ dump

Miami has come & gone. I very much wish it was still kicking around- what a trip! The night before I was leaving I was rocking Lincoln to sleep and I just started crying and couldn't stop. Zack came in the room and was so confused (i'm usually quite stoic). But some maternal feeling had... Continue Reading →

thou shalt not sleep.

  as our sweet, sweet little man was getting closer to that four month mark, my anxiety was growing and growing. I had read about the four month sleep regression, and our already not so great sleeper was about to hit a major milestone. well he hit it- and in true Aboud/Verdun form, he hit... Continue Reading →


Update- I found a bathing suit! last week so many people gave me great ideas & options and I wanted to share my findings. There were some cute, simple ones at Joe Fresh that I really liked but again the full piece suits were too short on my torso and the bikinis still weren't panning... Continue Reading →

would you rather?

so we made the jump. we put the little rascal into his crib about 2 weeks ago. our progression looked something like this: bassinet in the nursery room so we would get comfortable with him sleeping in another room and using the monitor. bassinet directly in the crib as he wasn't totally loving the crib... Continue Reading →

a pinterest filled weekend.

this was by far one of the most project productive weekends. there are always those lingering tasks that you keep on your to do list that don't get done. They get crossed off, added to the next day, added to the phone list, put in the agenda and still just seem to miss the beat... Continue Reading →

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